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    Connecting via USB

    You can connect via USB by connecting the camera and a smartphone using a commercially available USB cable. This enables faster and more stable communication than Wi-Fi connection.

    • A USB Type-C terminal is required on the smartphone. Connect the camera and the smartphone with a single Type-C USB cable without using an adapter.
    • To perform high-speed communication, the camera, smartphone, and USB cable all need to be USB3.2 compliant. Refer to "Supported cameras" for the supported cameras.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. camera icon On the camera, select MENU → (Setup) → [USB] and set the following items.
      • [USB Connection Mode] → [Sel. When Connect]
      • [USB Power Supply] → [Off] ( This item may not be available for some models )
    2. smartphone iconcamera icon Connect the camera and the smartphone with a USB cable.
    3. camera icon When the [Select USB Connect Mode] screen is displayed, select [Remote Shoot (PC Remote)] or [PC Remote].
      • After connecting, several messages will be displayed requesting permission to access files on your smartphone, etc. Permit them all.
    4. smartphone icon Perform remote shooting or import with the Camera screen of Creators' App.
    5. smartphone icon When finished and [Ends camera operations.] is displayed, disconnect the cable.
    • You can also follow the instructions to establish the connection from Creators' App: (Cameras) → (Settings) → [USB connection].